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looking for a very simple and funny module for aquarium data

  • Hello,
    First of all sorry for my English, I am French and this tutorial is written via google translate.
    I’m going to build this wonderful toy that is the Magic Mirror, I never did any programming but I found a lot of tutorials so I decided. Being a handyman, and curious, I would be super happy that this project is realized.
    You will find below the electrical diagram which I will be inspired by :
    I have an aquarium and I plan to install my MM right on top of it. Also I am looking for a very simple and funny module which could display a small aquarium logo with the temperature indications (in Celsius) and Ph with two probes which would be connected to it by wire (+ possibly the days remaining to change the filters : water 30 days, Foam: 90 days, bacteria: 120 days, other items posted? I don’t know, if you had any ideas, it’s welcome …). The goal is to have a live and very simple display of the data.
    Despite multiple searches I can not find. Of course there is the ReefPi application, but I find that this application is more focused on large aquarium projects with a display on PC and with a lot of analysis which I am not looking for.
    The idea would be more like the photo below which I find cool (color or black & white display) :

    So if someone is interested in doing this module … A big thank you to him / her.

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