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Where is the located?

  • Re: Rpi 4 and two monitors

    Hello guys, I’m new here and I started on the MagicMirror some weeks ago. I have 2 old monitors that I would like to use but I’m having some issues to get the MagicMirror app on the 2 screens. I was following the steps of an older topis (Rpi 4 and two monitors), but I was stuck at a certain point, because I can’t find the in the folder structure. Can somebody help me so I can try to have it working on both screens? Thanks guys!

  • @Teun they removed it in 2.11

    Get it from here

  • Thanks for the reply. So if I understand correctly, I should add this file in the MagicMirror folder and then I can proceed the steps mentioned in the other topic? Is that correct?

    Only thing I should keep in mind is not to use the “npm run start” command any more, but copy paste the link to start the application?

    Sorry for the questions, but I’m a little uncertain how to fix the dual monitor problem.

  • @Teun siorry, I dont know what the problem is…

    if you used my install script all was handled for you…
    run -start is no longer used except for armv6l devices (pi0 and pi2) where electron is no longer available.

    what do you wan to do with dual display?

    I run it all the time and have MM open on the second display

  • I want to have the MM on 2 screens. I want to have both screens alligned above each other so I can have a big surface to present the MM app on the left side of the mirror. But then the MM app should be shown on both screens, so it would look like these 2 screens are 1 big screen.

  • @Teun so far I have not found a way to make dual screen into one screen at startup.

    when u maximize it goes full on the current screen.

    I don’t know if u take maximize off and set the actual full dimensions if it will fill both screens
    you should be able to do the parameters with the electron Options in config.js

  • @sdetweil , thanks for the reply. I did some adaptations in the electron.js file, as I couldn’t find any specific settings in the config.js file. That’s why I thought maybe the electron.js file was the correct file to change? By changing the electron.js file, I already could change the full screen setting. So now I can have a smaller screen when I do the MagicMirror start (npm run start). Then I can manually adapt the length of the screen/frame so it is spreaded over the 2 monitors. Only remaining problem is when I close the MM app and I start again (by using npm run start), I still have the smaller screen and I again need to manually change the dimensions so the screen would fill the 2 monitors. Do you have any idea how that can be fixed? Thanks!

  • @Teun well, I would try using the electronOptions field in config.js

    var config = {
    	electronOptions:{x:0, backgroundColor:'#00000001',  width:800, height:1024, fullscreen:false, kiosk:false },
    	address: "", // Address to listen on, can be:

    and change the width/height

    may have to comment this out in electron.js

    		mainWindow.on("leave-full-screen", function() {

  • @Teun

    you might also be able to use these

    minWidth Integer (optional) - Window's minimum width. Default is 0.
    minHeight Integer (optional) - Window's minimum height. Default is 0.

    see all the settings

  • @sdetweil This was what I needed! Many thanks for helping me with this problem! Issue solved!

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