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Motioneyes does not work

  • Hello everyone! Help is needed. I installed the module Motioneye. The module does not work auto-hide. The image appears for a second and disappears. If the auto-hide is false, the picture is always on the mirror screen. After motion detection, the picture does not appear on the mirror. Here is my config. Where is the mistake? Thank.

    	   module: 'MMM-MotionEye',
    	   position: 'middle_center',
    	    config: {
    	        url: "http://IP:8081",
    	        autoHide: false,
    		autoHideDelay: "10000",	        
    		forcedRefreshInterval: "60000",
    	        debug: true,
    	        animationSpeed: "2000",
    	        width: "400px",

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