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Blank screen after successful install

  • I’ve successfully installed Magic Mirror and I’ve copied the config/config.js file. I was getting a blank screen, however, until I deleted all the modules from the config file EXCEPT the clock module. That seems to run fine, but adding any other modules causes a blank screen to appear.

    I’m running the index.html file in the Rasperry Pi default web browser, if that matters.


  • Module Developer

    Are you not running npm start? Are you just opening up the index.html file? If so, please put all of the modules back and try running npm start in the ~/MagicMirror directory.

    Please take a look at the Complete Setup Tutorial to see how to run the program.

  • Thanks for your reply. I’ve followed the Setup Tutorial and run ~/MagicMirror $ npm start as it explains but nothing happens. When I look in the /MagicMirror folder I don’t see an NPM file either.

  • Ah… Nevermind. I got it. Thank you for your help!!

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