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Youtube or streaming... impossible!

  • Hi. I was wondering if anyone out there has the same issues or if it is an issue on my MM2 setup.

    I have seen several youtube and streaming modules and I actually tried some. But when I run the MM2 the quality of the youtube video is sh*t basically. It stops very often, almost slow motion.

    I run the latest MM2 version, all apps and SW is up to date. I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB Ram and as a display I use a 32" HP Z32. The Raspberry Pi is connected via HDMI and every other module works fine.

    Yes, when I start MM2 in general the whole system slows down like crazy. Thats why I was wondering if there is anything I need to change in the system settings or so to speed this up. I have read about some driver updates or so but I wanted to ask you guys first.


  • @duxnobis hm… I have a pi4 4g and don’t see any of that… I don’t do you tube, so not really sure…

    if you open the browser on the pi and go to you tube do u see the same quality problem? or only thru MM?

  • @sdetweil Mate to be honest…didnt try but a very easy way to see if its the MM2! 🙂 Try it in a few and report back soon. Thanks for the fast reply!

  • @sdetweil so, just checked. It is way better but still not 2020 like. I mean I have a 1GB fiber connection and the Raspy is connected via wifi on 5GHz line. I would expect the video to stream smooth without the little stop&go. When I have MM2 running and I switch to terminal or Geney it always takes a few seconds to react. It is very slow then. By the way, I am using a SanDisk microSDXC Card 64GB ExtremePro A2. So I guess a potential card issue is sorted right?

  • @duxnobis hm… slow loading from disk… (sd card)

    look at memory use , free -m should be suing swap space…

    I moved to booting from sd card, but running from SSD, so the sd card is read only (hm I should flick that switch!)

  • @duxnobis well, I went and played some, and I see a choppy video but the audio is perfect…

    I don’t know if there are parms to the iframe to help solve that

    but not new news…

  • @sdetweil I tried to uninstall chromium and reinstall. Same. I decrease resolution to 1080p and the Pi speeds up a little I have to admit. The youtube though is still choppy.

    SSD? I dont know mate. I dont want to have too many devices behind the monitor if I can avoid.

    I think it must exist something else which could speed up the system. 😞

  • @duxnobis changing size of the video window makes a big difference…course on a 4k screen, 800c600 is pretty small already