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Send web page from phone to MM

  • Is there any way this is possible? A want to find a web page on my phone, for example a food recipe, and then send it to the MagicMirror, which is a screen in my kitchen, and get it displayed there, preferably on the whole screen.

    Any idea how this can be done?


  • One of the challenges doing this would likely have is the fact that MM is designed to be without a keyboard and mouse, and recipes on web pages are never at the top of the page. “Sending a link” would ultimately result in that link being opened on the MM and it would display from the top of the page. How would you scroll to get to what you need? Yes, I could see where some level of integration of voice commands could help, but I think it would be problematic.

    Something you could consider doing would be looking at one of the Google modules that could open a “photo” (nothing but an image file of any type) from your Google Photos or Google Drive and then taking a screen shot of the recipe and saving it to that location. The module would need to “find it” in order to display it and then you would delete it later on for the displaying of it to go away.

    If you’re not using the MM as a photo frame, you could do this similarly with one of the photo frame setups, too.

  • The scrolling is just another challenge, I believe. I imagine either two buttons that can attach as a keyboard and act as arrow keys, or a kind of motion detection, for example using a HC-SR04 or a camera.

    It should work for any web page.

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