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Request for Suggestion: Daily Calendar View with Details?

  • Hello all,

    I’m looking for some suggestions on how to approach the next customization.

    I’ve been able to integrate into a specific Google calendar and used it to show the next few days of “all-day” appointments. What I’m thinking now is to make it show only the current day, but also show the notes/details of that appointment. Ideally, It would have the appointment title as the main title shown, then show the appointment details in the same formatting as they are shown in the Google calendar, with bulleted lists and all. Think of it like a task list for that day, which is scheduled out in advance on a calendar.

    I thought maybe a workaround would be the RSS feed, but Google doesn’t publish a RSS feed of the calendars anymore (and not sure if the formatting of the details would stay the same). Granted, I’ve only used (and reviewed documentation) for the built-in calendar module. Maybe there is a different calendar module that does this?

    Anyone done something similar or have a suggestion to try?

  • Module Developer

    Take a look into

    It can make your calendars dance.


  • I eventually figured out I needed to edit the CSS (.eventSub sections) to allow showing of the event details, but that module works - thanks!

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