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Poll: change 'gevoelstemperatuur' to 'voelt als' for a better allignment

  • Hello,

    I’ve made a pull to change the Dutch text for ‘feels like’ from ‘gevoelstemperatuur’ to ‘voelt als’. The reason is that ‘voelt als’ is a lot shorter, which makes it a better fit and better to alligne. ‘Gevoelstemperatuur’ makes the line forecast module quite a bit wider. ‘Voelt als’ has a bonus for a quicker to read. The official term used by KNMI (Dutch Weather Service) is ‘gevoelstemperatuur’. A counter argue could be to stick to the official terms.

    @MichMich suggested to start a poll to see what other people feel about it.

  • What about ‘Gevoelstemp.’ ? I agree that Gevoelstemperatuur is a bit on the large side, but ‘Voelt als’ “feels” (see what I did there?) strange as well.

  • I was thinking about this abbreviation as well. The reason why I choose for ‘voelt als’, is that it is a complete phrase. This makes it quicker to recognize for a small peek and first time readers.

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