MagicMirror² v2.14.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

I built the original, so glad to see a community here!

  • I had no idea this community existed. Wow! I built the first MagicMirror back in 2008, and it’s been duplicated a bunch of times over the years. i was happy to help with a lot of early projects, then kind of stepped away to work on other interactive things.

    This is my first outing:
    [](link url)

    It actually bankrolled my New York based interactive company all those years ago and I went on to build Mirrors for all kinds of customers, big and small. It was a really fun chapter in my life.

    Trivia #1 : I did not use one-way acrylic mirrors bc they cut too much light and the brightest displays in 2007 was a plasma tv (super hot to the touch), and even that look like it had dark car tint on it. LED and Oled were not invented yet. Even lcd projectors hadn’t come into their own yet. the only bright ones were gigantic arena projectors.

    Trivia #2 : IR touchframes from companies like PQ Labs and Zaagtech did not yet exist. we had to build our own… up to that point all my touch work was camera based using touchlib and openCV, but ofcourse, blob tracking would not work with this type of set up. Hell, even the arduino was not yet on the scene, doing interactive tech was pretty challenging.

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