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MMM-Pages - Turn scripts on/off when enter page

  • Hi all,

    Is it possible to start a script (Python or bash) when a specific page is entered? I use MM-Pages with a webradio on the third page. The idea is to start the webradio (mpc) combined with a script to get the lyrics of the currently played song (already developed) in case, page 3 is called. I don’t want to stress the lyrics-search if the affected page is not shown. So it would be nice have a trigger and to be able to start something on the PI.

    Thank you in advance

  • Take a look at MMM-NotificationTrigger module; Im using it for a lot of things; you can trigger any shell command when something happens (ie. When entering to page x)

    here just an example:

                module: 'MMM-NotificationTrigger',
                config: {
                    useWebhook: false,
                    triggers: [
                            trigger: "NEW_PAGE",
                            triggerPayloadFilter: (payload) => {
                                if (payload == '0') return true		//when entering page 1
                                return false
                            fires: [
                                { exec: "aplay /home/pi/somefile.wav" },
                                { fire: "MY_COMMAND", exec: "curl 'http://RaspHostname:8080/api//modules/MMM-Whatever/show'" },
                                { fire: "MY_COMMAND", exec: "curl 'http://RaspHostname::8080/api//modules/MMM-Whatever/hide'" },
                                { fire: "WHATEVER_NOTIFICATION },
                               { fire: "MY_COMMAND", exec: "/home/pi/" },

    I consider this a MUST in any Magic Mirror setup…
    Can do anything you want with it 😉

  • Hi @rubenix ,

    Thank you for your hint, I will give it a try.


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