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Greetings from Bulgaria

  • Polished frame made from wood, dielectric mirror, 23’’ monitor and cooler. I use few modules, like “Screencast”, “Noa”, “Compliments” …

    IMG_20200621_164311.png IMG_20200621_164338.png

  • Great work and style. Please tell me what percentage of reflection, transparency did you use in your glass?

  • Hello, thanks for compliments! When i started to choose mirror i had only two options 70/30 and 60/40 percents, and i choose 60/40 dielectric mirror, i think that 60/40 is better choice.

  • @deananiev Hi well done for the amazing mirror you made.

    Is there like a video or pictures to show a how to guide?

    How did you block the other part of the mirror where the monitor is not covering the mirror?

    Also do you recommend to use a dielectric mirror for this project? or is a two way mirror better?

    many thanks.

  • Great Build man, Specially the seamless hinge on the front.

  • @bachoo786 Hello thanks! Unfortunately there is no video or guide how i made it, but i can answer you of any question about this process. The rest of the mirror is covered by black foil 3M. About the question for the dielectric mirror, i cannot make a difference between two way mirror and dielectric because this is my first project and i never used before two way mirror:)

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