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MMM-pihole was causing major bugs/ freezes

  • Hello all,

    This is just a PSA - I believe the module MMM-Pihole was causing my mirror to crash badly, mostly causing it to loose connection, freeze every 2-3 hours. Here is the chronological scenario:

    • Updated MM
    • Tested with many many configurations of modules. I spent almost a month debugging it - and ran all permutations and combinations of why the mirror is freezing. The logs only showed internet disconnect
    • @sdetweil looked at the logs, which were not really helpful. He suggested to move the installation form a SD card to USB. I did this, and in addition added active cooling fan to the pi, so we can strike off cooling issues. My pi was freezing/ acting up even when the temps never went above 40
    • MMM-Pihole - only with just that module running caused bugs. As soon as I disabled it, running all the modules cased no bugs. Compare 1-2 hour of stability vs. running for last month without errors
    • Freezes are obvious, but I even got partial mirror displayed. Weird, so leaving a snapshot here (look at the calendar and time module):


    So, if you are using the module, and are having issues - try taking it off, hope it solves your issue.

  • @nakulbende nice reporting, thank you… this should help others!

  • @sdetweil Thank you so much for your help.

  • Module Developer

    You might also want to drop an issue on it’s github so the author is aware of the issues, if they’re still active, so they can fix it.

  • Done - but I am pretty sure I have sent them a note in past, also based on some of @sdetweil 's troubleshooting about package details - it seems inactive. I love the module - is there something I can do in terms of troubleshooting to revive it?

    MM and pi-hole are my fav proejcts I ever made - followed recently by retropie.

  • Module Developer

    If the author is inactive, then, really the only thing to do is fork it and revive the module yourself.

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