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No sound after installing Kaliope

  • Hello,
    I tried to install Kalliope by following this post: but I did not succeed …
    In addition I believe I have installed Kalliope both in the MM modules but also at the root of the pi because here is my Home folder below.
    I tried without success to do:

    cd ~ / MagicMirror


    rm -rf modules / Kalliope

    the folder is not deleted, same for

    rm -rf / kalliope

    Finally, the sound comes out more from the jack …
    I do a

    sudo raspi-config

    in Audio it always comes back on HDMI 1, I select Headphones but it doesn’t work …
    How to remove Kalliope from my module folders and in Home and how can I restore the sound through headphones?
    thank you for your help

  • rm -rf /kalliope

    and no
    rm -rf / kalliope
    but it’s the same

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