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weatherforecast showing only two days.

  • @oemel09 thx for your support. Different to many others, this fix doesn’t work for me. I’m running MM in a docker container and am not able to keep line 297 of weatherforecast.js edited. It always jumps back into its origin version:

    params += "&cnt=" + (this.config.maxNumberOfDays < 1 || this.config.maxNumberOfDays > 17 ? 7 : this.config.maxNumberOfDays);

    I tried in /mounts/modules/default/weatherforecast/ and also inside the container. I also set the container environment: MM_OVERRIDE_CSS: "false", but no way, after restarting the container, it is always showing the “old” values above
    Any hints?

  • @oemel09

    Patch worked for me, thank you!

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