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Remote File Compliments not working and MM hangs

  • I added the following to the modules section in config.js for remoteFile compliments, but it does not seem to work.

    I looked at the forum and users have mentioned to place the compliments.json in modules folder. I thought we should not change or place anything in the modules/default folder as it might be overwritten on upgrade.

                        module: "compliments",
                        position: "bottom_bar",
                        config: {
                         remoteFile: "~/MagicMirror/config/compliments.json"

    This is my compliments.json

        "anytime" : [
            "Stay Safe"
        "morning" : [
            "Good morning"
        "afternoon" : [
           "Good afternoon"
        "evening" : [
            "Good evening"

  • @askmahesh the embedded server will not see any files below the modules folder, they they need to go into a module folder.

    don’t change anything, but u can add to the folder

  • Thanks. That worked.

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