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How do you change the date format in the MagicMirror folder. Change the date from Month/Day/Year to Day/Month/Year.

  • How to change the date from Month/Day/Year to Day/Month/Year.

  • @dcimag what do you mean ‘in the mm folder’
    for what purpose?

    the file system displays the same system wide.

  • In the compliments folder under the MM folder. I added compliments in English and the compliments in English showed once I added them. But If I added a compliment in Irish the compliments wouldn´t show on the screen at all. The compliments wouldn´t show if I said something in Irish using Irish characters like á é í ó ú. If I put a vowel with an accent mark anywhere with in the compliments section the compliments wouldnt show.

  • @dcimag is that a separate file for Irish? I haven’t done compliments much, and only English. I think u would have to change mm to Irish to get them to display

  • Oh damn. No this is my first time messing around with the compliments. But I succesfully added one compliment in Irish. This compliments doesnt use any accent marks it uses all English langugae characters. But again when I use any accent marks it causes the compliments not to appear on the screen.

  • @dcimag I would open the developers window ctrl-shift-i, and then select the console tab and scroll up to see any error messages. usually red text.

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