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Magicmirror in QNAP Containerstation installation

  • Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with the Magicmirror2 as Dockerimage in the QNAP container station. I have a Qnap 1079Pro with the container station in operation. Pihole is currently running smoothly in the container station. Now I wanted to install the Magicmirror as Docker in order to have a test environment so as not to shoot my Rapberry mirror through games and updates.

    Does anyone know how to install the image and what settings have to be made?

    I was able to download the image to the container station, what do I have to do when I create the container?
    How do I adjust the paths for the config, modules and css?

  • @Tribun I thought the doc was pretty clear

  • Hello sdetweil, for you as experts it shouldn’t be a problem to start the Docker, as a beginner I can only do a limited amount with the instructions. When I start the Docker via the Shell I get the following error message: container-station/docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint magic_mirror (6372ebe4277aea6a53fc9129dcfe8c145b3010217241886e1ec5eb7ef103b8b1): listen tcp bind: address already in use.

    When I call the Docker via the container station, the MagicMirror server is started, but I cannot connect to the web browser.

    I will read about Container Station, Docker in the next few days, maybe I’ll still get it to work.

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