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EASY QUESTION: how to get back in to magic mirror.

  • EASY Question, newbie here, i ctrl q to get out of the default screen and cannot figure out how to get it back. Pls help, I added the spotify module but cant check if it worked.

  • @awesams I don’t understand.

    how did u install?

    how did u get mm to start?

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    @sdetweil I think he doesn’t know how to switch from MM back to desktop ( which key to press )

  • @Stoffbeuteluwe alt-spacebar, and then n

    same as on windows.

    but he say ctrl-q for quit. if using pm2 it would have restarted. if not using pm2, then to restart is the same as last time

  • Hi, so I figured it out. Sorry if I was confusing, here is my problem and solution just in case anyone ever sees this. 1) i followed all steps in the installation guide which brought me to the default MM screen that goes on when you barely install it. 2) i pressed ctrl+q and it exited me out into the desktop screen. 3) I installed the spotify module following all steps. 4) this is where my question is, how to get back into MM (the screen that shows when MM is in use) to see my spotify module.
    Solution: what I was doing wrong was i made a new terminal and did
    DISPLAY=0: nohup npm start & without doing cd MagicMirror first. Thank you for the responses

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