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I've finally gotten the mirror, now how do I mount it?

  • So the mirror has finally arrived, I’ve built the frame some time ago, and not the mirror is here, I’m trying to figure out the right way to mount it.
    I wanted it to be ‘frameless’, but how do I ‘black out’ the area outside the monitor, paint it with something? And if I do that, how do I fasten it to the frame, so the glue isn’t visible through the mirror? Or should I abandon the complately frameless idea, and mount small holders for the mirror?

    I’m also considering changing the monitor, it’s currently a monitor from a stationary computer, and I’ve gotten a panel from a laptop lying around now, but I guess I have to find out how much light the two generate to choose the right one.

  • @fribse well, u have to coat the unused portion w something. so paint is a way.

    mount mirror to frame of frameless??

    typically those have holes drilled thru the glass so you can attach it to the backing frame

  • @sdetweil Ok, well I was thinking at first I would glue it, but I’ll get those small mirror brackets that just holds the edges.
    Is there a good kind of paint for the backside of it?

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