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Great project but screen isn't bright enough, any options?

  • So used a spare Samsung LCD LTM200KT03 screen I had lying around and built a frame around it with the intent of using Ikea Ribba frame to go around the the entire thing. I thought I could add film to the Ribba picture frame but it turns out that it doesn’t have glass just plastic which wouldn’t stick to the film well at all.

    I ended up ordering a Two-Way Mirrored Acrylic - Clear
    3 mm Thick, 500 mm Wide, 700 mm Long, Color: Clear – 146

    from here:

    and it looks great. I even used a hacksaw blade glued to the top of the frame so I could put magnets in the Ikea frame for easy removal.

    However, with it off I can see the MM fine but with it on it’s very dim and really only useable at night. I’ve moved the screen to where it get’s less reflections but no real joy.

    The monitor is as bight and contrast as it will go.

    What are my options?

    Pictures below.

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