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Extension of MMM-Tools (Bugsounet)

  • I would like to extend the module.
    I would like to display both IP addresses.
    What I have already done:

    Changed the cmdline.txt to show a wlan0 as interface name again (ifconfig)

    In node-helper.js I added the following:

    IP: "ip -4 a show lo | grep inet",
    IP_LAN: "ip -4 a show eth0 | grep inet"
    IP_WLAN: "ip -4 a show wlan0 | grep inet"

    Implemented these two functions:

     getIP_WLAN : function() {
        exec (this.scripts['IP_WLAN'], (err, stdout, stderr)=>{
          if (err == zero) {
            this.WLAN = stdout.trim().match(/\b\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\b/)
      getIP_LAN : function() {
        exec (this.scripts['IP_LAN'], (err, stdout, stderr)=>{
          if (err == zero) {
            var matched = stdout.trim().match(/\b\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\b/)
            this.IP_LAN = (matched) ? matched[0] : "Unknown"

    Unfortunately, I did not get any further, I can’t manage to output the values. My goal is what is written there:

    IP       eth0: 192.168.1.xx, wlan0: 192.168.1.yy

    Since I have no experience with JS, I am now stucking here…
    Is anyone interested in helping me with this?


  • @MiPraSo in mm, the node_helper is the data ( ip addresses) collector,
    and the modulename.js is the data presenter. See the getDom() routine which builds the html content to be displayed

  • Hi, thanks for you feedback 😉

    don’t worry about this !
    I will start the MMM-Tools v2 in a few days !
    I will start this module with new code and a new tool without sh script 🙂
    of course it will have news functionally like yours

  • Hi @Bugsounet,
    I’ll be patient and I’ll wait…
    Let me be your alpha and beta tester. 🐞

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • In the last update I add uptime and uptime Record

    now, I be back for some news !

    I changed the code by the new library without sh / bash script and here is the performance:

    [2020-08-11 01:32:07.710] [LOG]    CPU Usage 9
    [2020-08-11 01:32:07.724] [LOG]    CPU Temp: 44
    [2020-08-11 01:32:07.726] [LOG]    Mem Total 7934
    [2020-08-11 01:32:07.726] [LOG]    Mem used 3212
    [2020-08-11 01:32:07.726] [LOG]    Mem % 40

    so very good react 😉

    now i will try:

    • display info about / partition and /home partition (choice of user of course)
    • display ALL used ip adress (and trafic if you want)
    • maybe determinate % of cpu used with MagicMirror (maybe because not tested)
    • what 'is the users connected
    • display RPI version

    Sure, all info will not displayed in config by default. You can enable (or disable) it as you want 😉

    After, the question is :
    I keep the current visual or I change !?

  • Hi !

    MMM-Tools fetch all info needed : (tested on my dev platform and not definitive)

    [2020-08-13 17:55:13.191] [LOG]    Send this Status: {
      OS: 'Debian 10 (buster)',
      SYS: 'Core™ i5-3350P',
      NETWORK: [
        enp3s0: { ip: '', type: 'wired', default: true },
        wlx98ded00d0521: { ip: '', type: 'wireless', default: false }
      MEMORY: [ total: '7934Mb', used: '2613Mb', percent: '40' ],
      STORAGE: [
        '/': { size: '39.98Go', used: '10.33Go', use: 25.84 },
        '/home': { size: '383.49Go', used: '53.64Go', use: 13.99 },
        '/boot/efi': { size: '96.00Mo', used: '31.57Mo', use: 32.89 },
        '/media/Data': { size: '540.76Go', used: '96.68Go', use: 17.88 }
      CPU: [ temp: '44.0', usage: '23' ],
      UPTIME: '1 jour 17 heures 25 minutes',
      RECORD: '27 jours 18 heures 49 minutes',

    of course SYS info is the result of CPU type or RPI type
    exemple for a RPI 4:

    SYS: 'Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1'

    RPI 3:

    SYS: 'Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3'

    Now, i will do a new visual for displaying all information received 😉
    Note: If somebody need other information to display, just tell me 🙂

  • This is current information and visual fetched in my dev branch



    My dev platform:


    Of course, you can hide, if you want, not needed partitions info.
    if you have multiple network, the default network is represented with a star

    • You can try the dev branch with this command:

    (assumed that v1 is installed)

    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Tools
    git checkout -f dev
    npm install
    • to return to v1:
    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Tools
    git checkout -f master
    npm install

    do not hesitate to give me feedback.
    if any other informations is missing, just tell me 🙂

  • @Bugsounet

    Looks good…
    Here’s some issues:

    1. Is there an example for the config.cfg?
    2. The alignment is now right again, in the old version I was able to adjust it to the left?
    3. How do I get the display wider, in the old version I could adjust it?
    4. How can I change the label, from UPTIME to Laufzeit or *LAN to eth0?
    5. And what are “Go” and “Mo” which should be about “GB” and “MB”?




    1. I force all value to display, I don’t really add some feature to personalize actually
      you can’t actually config:
      recordUptime: true, to record and display : record uptime
      partitionExclude : [], fo exclude partition to display
      sample: partitionExclude : [ "/boot" ], if you don’t want display info about /boot partition

    2. I have to ajust css code

    3. not coded yet (personal feature will be coded in the end)

    4. I’m trying to do a translation file (wait a while 😉 )
      just tell me what value to translate (and translation needed)
      For Lan to eth0. I have fetch the name info by not displayed actually (because in my dev the WLAN interface have a very very long name)
      so i have planned a feature for name choice displaying (native or WLAN/LAN)

    5. I will do dual code (actually it’s a test)

    I will be back to you when i have done some totentials change

  • Yeah !

    • I have just commit some change on dev branch
    • I add the new configuration part in Readme
    • I correct some css code
    • I correct unit Go to Gb
    • added translation file (de too)
      actually supported : en, fr, de (thx to @lxne), id (80% done) and sv (thx to @el97 from github), it (thx to @MrDondoT from github)
      I can add other language just help me to do the translate file
    • added telegramBot command /status



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