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Not able to delete a file from raspbian

  • Hi. I have successfully finished making a smart mirror. Now I actually want a voice assistant which can be used to interact with the smart mirror. So I have decided to integrate alexapi into my smart mirror. This is the actual link from where I want to download alexapi :- (
    So while I was installing this, By mistakely I have closed the terminal so again when I tried to run the script, it was unable to execute so I decided to remove the file which I have cloned earlier while downloading the alexapi. This was the repo which I have cloned :- (sudo git clone I have cloned this repo inside opt directory. So now my main problem is that as I have mentioned above that due to some reason I wanted to delete this file but I am unable to do so. The reason to delete the alexapi file is because I want to reinstall the alexapi. So when I again tried to clone the repo inside opt file, I am getting a error that the file you want to clone already exists and the directory is also not empty so I have decided to delete the previous alexapi file but I was not able to remove the file. I always get the error that the file was deleted with errors and again when I go back and check that is the file deleted or no, so the answer is its not deleted. When I try to remove the file it says me this error that the file was deleted with errors. I hope you understood my problem. Please help me with it.
    Thanks in advance,
    stay safe

  • @biswajeet opt is protected, do u have to use sudo to become root to change it.

    don’t use opt in the future

  • This post is deleted!

  • So is there any way to remove the file?

  • @biswajeet yes

    sudo rm filename
    sudo rm -rf foldername

  • Thank you. I have successfully deleted the file. Thank you @sdetweil

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