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MMM-MyStandings stops

  • After an indeterminate period if time ( hours, days??), the MMM-MyStandings module either stops or just disappears from the screen. I don’t know exactly when it happens but haven’t found any related messages written to the console log. Does anyone have thoughts on how to catch if errors are being issued? Also is there a way to restart a single module without restarting everything ?

  • @ghiesseldorf open the developers window ctrl-shift-i on the keyboard, then select the console tab and scroll up to see any errors, usually red text.

    you can also filter by module, by placing part of the module name in the filter field, like stand

  • @sdetweil my console log captures 12 hours before it wraps, but no errors are present when I notice the module has stopped. If it stopped within this timeframe I’ve not found errors.

  • @ghiesseldorf if u filter, it will be a lot longer til it wraps

  • @sdetweil No joy. No errors being posted for mystandings. I am using facial reco as well. And I see messages showing when mystandings (and myscores) indicating the module being hidden, suspended, and resumed according to the personna set in the config file. The same messages are being posted for the myscores module using the same personna definitions which works just fine. But mystands doesn’t appear to be resuming (or unhidden?) on the screen like it should.

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