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MMM-MovieListings, How to delete rating line

  • This post is deleted!

  • Where is it on this page ?

  • for the API key it’s ok, but i didn’t find yet how to delete the Rating line…

  • @RIKKO14 open the developers window ctrl-shift-i on the keyboard. select the elements tab, and navigate the left panel to locate that module content.

    when u select it, the class tree will be shown at the bottom of the dev window nav, above the console area. the classes themselves will be shown on the right. top closest to the element, the bottom furthest away.

    this might help you find the css element to use adding


    in custom.css
    to make the content no longer shown

    u can test that by live editing the styles of the element to add that display setting

  • not gonna be so easy… he didn’t make it really selectable…

    easy with a code change

    edit MMM-MovieListings.js

        pageChangeInterval: 30 * 1000,
        showRatings: true                                      // < -- add this line, line 25, notice the comma on the line before 

    add this line

        // Add all details
        if(config.showRatings)                   // < ---- line 235

    save file

    then add to your config.js for this module

       config : { 
         showRatings: false, 

  • it does not work, tan worse I leave it like that. Thank you for your help…

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