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Dependecy question

  • I have a hypothetical / non-hypothetical question:

    If I download a module… i.e. git clone (something something something) and then it requires a ‘npm install’ to install the dependencies, properly edit the config.js file, and then decide, for whatever reason, I don’t want to use that module.

    If I strip out (or comment out) the module’s entry in the config.js file, what happens to those dependencies? Are they forever on my SD card? Are they excess clutter?

  • @earnestrichards they are in the module folder. if u erase the module folder they go away. except for the sd card memory bit consumption.

    sd card memory is write once. next time for that file. those bits are no good, marked used, and new consumption.

    eventually all memory bits used, even tho card file system says not full.

  • @earnestrichards if you just take the entry out of config.js for that module. the files are still there.

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