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How to find the module(s) to update ?

  • Hello,
    this my MM display today but how to find the module(s) to update because there is not the name of the module(s)… ?

  • Salut,

    There is an update with updatenotification with auto update…You can see on Github

  • @RIKKO14 the update notification module does a git status for each module. if the module is linked to an upstream GitHub repo, git status will tell you if you are behind on changes.

    so, if the messages aren’t being helpful, go to each non-default folder in ~/MagicMirror/modules
    and do
    git status

    if I reports behind, then do
    git pull
    if the module has a package.json file, then also do
    npm install

  • @sdeweil
    thanks for the method.
    it’s weird, it was GoogleAssistant and Assistant2Display usually I have been told that an update is available for these 2 modules.
    Thank you again it can be used for next time …

  • Module Developer

    encore un fan du git pull…

    another git pull fan …

    n’aime pas lire les wiki … et demande de l’aide …

    don’t want read and ask help …



    Vous ne savais pas lire… je ne sais pas répondre 😕

    You don’t want to read… I can’t respond

    Humm , maybe i will do a code to translate automaticaly sam ? (or a button to Click ! yeah)


    • Si vous ne savez… ou n’aimez pas faire les mises jours utilisez MMM-UpdateNotification, Ah désolé c’est peut-etre au mauvaise idée … il faut lire le ReadMe 😕
    • If you don’t want or don’t like do any update use MMM-UpdateNotification, Ah sorry, it’s a bad idea, you have to read ReadMe 😕

  • Hello Bugsounet,
    I had seen your MMM-UpdateNotification module and I hesitated (but wanted to do it anyway) to install it because very recent and as I am a beginner I was afraid that if a bug happened as I could having with the initial installation of the PIR module (which you very kindly help me configure afterwards) where I had to re-install my modules.
    What was weird is that before GoogleAssistant and Assistant2Display were displayed for the update, and there for this update not.

    I am not a fan of git pull but once again I am a beginner: sometimes for updates I see git pull sometimes not so I try things …
    Anyway, so I installed MMM-UpdateNotification is now no more worries about updating.
    I disabled the default updatenotification module like this

    			module: "updatenotification",
    			position: "top_bar"

    I hope it’s ok.

    Thank you again for all your contributions and your availability.

    Now I will try to install MMM-GABackgound another great idea from you. THANK YOU

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