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CAUTION when applying latest Debian Stretch updates!

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    I regularly apply OS updates to my RPi, which runs MM, like on all my other PCs and servers.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

    Two days ago I applied the latest Debian Stretch kernel updates which brought an unexpected surprise.
    Apparently these updates contain also new configuration files for the screensaver and display control, which overwrite the current ones on the system.
    A few hours after the update I went to my MM and it greeted my with the password prompt of the screensaver.
    As I didn’t find the documentation anymore which options had to be changed and where, I chose the “lazy camper” route and simply installed xscreensaver.

    sudo apt install xscreensaver

    In xscreensaver you can not only adjust the screensaver and delay for blanking off, but you can completely disable the screensaver, what I did. Problem solved.
    The display switches off as normal and switches on again when the sensor detects proximity as usual without the password prompt.

  • @Fozi thanks for the warning

    you could have used the screensaveroff script from my scripts to restore it

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    @sdetweil Thanks for the heads up, Sam!

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