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MMM-Calendar always shows 23:59 if showEndTime: True

  • Hello,

    I don’t have much experience in software development, but so far I have been quite successful in setting up my MagicMirror.

    Nevertheless I am struggling with the calender module with the following two issues:

    1. showEnd: true
      Although I managed to get the right start time with the help of “Timeshift calendar issue / Recurring Google Calendar events for times when UTC date differ from local date appear at wrong time in MM #1798”, I can only see 23:59 for the end time for recurring events on my iCalendar. (With non recurring events, the end time is correct!)
      All the examples and maybe also most testers set the parameter showEnd to ‘false’, then this problem cannot be seen.

    2. For 3-weekly events (whole day), the timeshift problem seems to be unsolved?! In this case I can see a wrong date. With weekly and biweekly events (whole day) everything works fine!

    Can anybody confirm if these issues are still present, or has anybody an idea, what might be wrong with my files?

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "Familie",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {
    				maximumEntries: 25,
    				maximumNumberOfDays: 365,
    				showLocation: false,
    				maxTitleLength: 25,
    				maxLocationTitleLength: 25,
    				wrapEvents: true,
    				wrapLocationEvents: false,
    				maxTitleLines: 3,
    				maxEventTitleLines: 3,
    				fetchInterval: 300000, //default: 300000
    				animationSpeed: 2000,
    				fade: true,
    				fadePoint: 0.25,
    				displayRepeatingCountTitle: true,
    				dateFormat: "MMM Do",
    				dateEndFormat: "HH:mm",
    				showEnd: true,
    				fullyDayEventDateFormat: "MMM Do",
    				timeFormat: "absolute",
    				getRelative: 6,
    				urgency: 1,
    				broadcastEvents: true,
    				hidePrivate: false,
    				sliceMultiDayEvents: false,
    				nextDaysRelative: true,
    				calendars: [
    						symbol: "home",
    						url: "webcal://..."
    Thanks very much for your support!

  • @SwissChemist see the calendar temp fixes at the top of the troubleshooting section

  • Dear Sam,
    I have exactly done what is written in your instructions.
    The start date is shown correctly, but there are two issues left:

    1. with ‘showEnd: True’ I can see 23:59 for recurring events (not whole day) on my calendar. (With non recurring events, the end time is correct!)
    2. some dates for recurring events (whole day) are wrong.

    I have prepared an ics-file and a screenshot of my MagicMirror Monitor for comparison.

    The following dates are wrong:
    3-weekly whole day - 22.Okt should be: 21.Okt
    Weekly whole day - 26.Okt should be: 27.Okt
    2-weekly whole day - 27.Okt should be: 28.Okt
    Monthly whole day - 1.Nov should be 2.Nov
    Weekly whole day - 2.Nov should be 3.Nov
    Weekly whole day - 9.Nov should be 10.Nov
    2-weekly whole day - 10.Nov should be 11.Nov

    I have defined a test calendar, ich which all weeklys are planned for the same day, all 2-weeklys are planned for the same day, all 3-weeklys are planned for the same day. So you can easily see if these dates differ, there is a mistake…
    Files and a MagicMirror picture are attached.

    Thanks very much for your support!

    ![0_1601321066459_MagicMirror.JPG](Uploading 100%)
    [0_1601321084756_myCalendar](Uploading 100%)

  • @SwissChemist please see my cat message…

    i assume you are gmt+ something…

    there is a newly found bug in the repeating rule parser, which I am working on. but it might be a while…

    if the normal time of the event is not exceeded by your tz offset then the event date is (in gmt) the prior day.
    then the rule calculates, and gets the current day, and the jams the prior to midnight time onto the event, now it is 24 hours later…

    at the time the calculation and adjustment is done, the rule processor doesn’t know the original effect of the timezone offset

  • You are right, now in summer, we are GMT+1, in winter it’s GMT+2…

  • @SwissChemist

    no the one I am fighting from Australia

    meeting at 09/28/20, 08:30
    utc is 09/27/20, 22:30

    rule detemines today is valid DATE
    takes todays date 09/28, with yesterdays time 22:30

  • @sdetweil so, your 1st entry is confusing… label is
    SUMMARY:Monthly 17-18
    but the cal entry says
    DTSTART;TZID=Europe/Zurich:20201002T170000, Oct 02, 1700 local, 1500 utz

  • also, showEnd is a pain… technically the clock is day:00:00 to day 23:59 as 23:59+1 is 24:00/00:00 which is the next day

    so, what do you think we should be showing there…

  • @SwissChemist want to try a fix for me…

    edited: changed added line

    edit the ~/MagicMirror/modules/default/calendar/calendarfetcher.js
    find this (approx line 240) and add the one line listed below

    						// Loop through the set of date entries to see which recurrences should be added to our event list.
    						for (let d in dates) {
    							const date = dates[d];
    							// ical.js started returning recurrences and exdates as ISOStrings without time information.
    							// .toISOString().substring(0,10) is the method they use to calculate keys, so we'll do the same
    							// (see )
    							const dateKey = date.toISOString().substring(0, 10);
    							let curEvent = event;
    							let showRecurrence = true;
    							let duration = 0;
    							startDate = moment(date);
    							duration = parseInt(moment(curEvent.end).format("x")) - parseInt(moment(curEvent.start).format("x")) // --- add this line

    in your timezone (mine is Sep 28, 17:15)

    Screenshot at 2020-09-29 00-14-48.png

  • Hello Sam,
    thanks very much for your great support.
    Good news is that the endTime issue is solved now!

    Nevertheless with recurring whole day events, the following entries are not correct yet:

    3-weekly 13-14 is completely missing (should be 1.Okt)

    Starting with the 3-weekly whole day 22.Okt (should be 21.Okt), every following ‘whole day meeting’ is shown one day too late.
    You can easily see that even on your picture, as e.g. the 3-weekly whole day and the 3-weekly 13-14 should always take place at the same date.

    Even on your picture this is not the case… monthly whole day is shown in 3 days, monthly 17-18 is shown in 4 days.

    Once more, thanks for your great support so far!
    ![0_1601412306493_MagicMirror_200929.JPG](Uploading 100%)

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