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MMM-GoogleAssistant and my gmail account.

  • Hi everyone,
    I wish to know if it´s possible associate my gmail account with the MMM-GoogleAssistant by bugsounet. I ´ve intalled its module and works ok, when i say the keyword “jarvis” it´s respond me opening de google assitant. What i need is when i say to the GA "add me entry in my calendar ( gmail ) the GA schedules the note in the desired date.

    I have the calendar gmail en the MM. I tested adding a entry in my mobile and i few seconds i can see in the mm.

    I think the problem is that there is not vinculate between my gmail account and my MMM-GoogleAssistant.

    Best regards to all

  • I’ve never actually tried to add to a google calendar , would have thought it would be aware if ur using the same credentials for google as ur are for the calendar . I’ve set it up to add to my Apple calendars via ifttt, maybe there’s a solution there if it doesn’t work natively.

  • @idilkendein my google assistant updates my normal google calendar, no special config… the GA credentials are on the same google account

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