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Pi loses WiFi connection after a few hours

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    my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) seems to lose the WiFi connection after a few hours (I can’t say exactly yet).

    Whereby this is not correct. The device still has the correct IP address. In the WiFi menu it is connected with the correct SSID. But I can’t ping a device in the network anymore. Also the Raspberry is not reachable from the network.

    Rebooting the Raspberry solves the problem immediately.

    Power Management: off is already set. What else can I do?


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    Linux script that will check if the wifi on the pi is connected and reconnect if needed. This script is run from the pi. Typically you would set this up as a cron job that would run periodically (e.g. every 5 minutes). If the script detected the wifi was not connected it would attempt to reconnect.

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    Thank you, at the moment I would like to find the problem. There are a couple of modules on the MM that are using the internet connection regularly. So there should be no need to disconnect.

  • @MajorC said in Pi loses WiFi connection after a few hours:

    Rebooting the Raspberry solves the problem immediately

    I have the same issue except rebooting doesn’t correct the issue

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    At the moment I am doing long term test. A have a new SD Card, with online running raspberry os on it. So far, after 24h the pi runs smoothly and the Wi-Fi is still working.
    Tomorrow I will install MM2 on the same card, to see what’s going on.

    What I need to know is, where to look if after installing MM2 the problems start?