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spotify & clock on assistant

  • Hi
    I have installed the google assistant and assistant2display, I can play youtube videos but no Spotify, I have an account with Spotify but no premium, it works from my smartphone, but it doesn’t show on the mirror when I ask the assistant, and how can I set the assistant’s clock correctly because when I ask how late it is, he is one hour behind

  • @raf u have to.install one of the player libs on pi. I thought Assistant2Display installed librespot.

    there is also raspotify.

  • @sdetweil I installed MMM-Spotify and MMM-Nowplayingonspotify a while ago to the mirror, then it will probably be a setting in the config.js file but I think these are good

  • @raf those just show what is playing somewhere, but do not provide the player for pi.

    if librespot or raspotify is installed and running (this is a system module, not mm), using the Spotify Connect app on Windows you should see the pi device by the name configured by each.
    and be able on the pi, using the connect app.
    ( no Spotify connect app currently exists for pi)

  • @sdetweil oh, you need Spotify premium to play on other devices ( still only one at a time)

  • @sdetweil why do i have to say to the mirror: youtube play queen instead of play queen on youtube otherwise he doesn’t understand me
    (he understands exactly only a wrong sentence’s construction) and the clock is one hour wrong when I ask the hour, where can I adjust this?

  • @raf i do not know… that is part of the module u are talking to… i don’t know how it works…

    i am a volunteer here, maybe having used 10 modules.

    you will need to involve the author, unless someone else has already done this and is able/willing to help

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