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MMM-homeassistant-sensors: hide entry depending on state

  • Hi @all,

    the configuration of our MM grows and I successfully connected the mirror to our homeassistant. Now I want to show “who’s @home”. I setup the sensors for each of us. The entry for the persons show with the picture from HA up always. Only the status(text)changes depending from “home” to “not home”. So one has to read every entry each time and that’s not satisfying.
    Is there a configuration possible to only show the entry (the sensor) if one is home and to hide the entry (the sensor) if one is not home?

    The current sensors are configured like this:

    sensor: "sensor.dirk_kombi",
    name: "Dirk ist %v%",
    displayvalue: false,
    replace: [{
    		"home": "da",
    		"not_home": "weg!",

    Any help welcome.

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