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JakDojade - public transport in Poland

  • Hi guys,
    can someone make a module for MM that will show information from nearest bus/tram stop for Polish users? Or info when to leave to get a bus to wanted location.
    We have such a site in Poland that provides the information.
    They share their api here:

    Thanks a lot!

  • Moderator

    @Flagun it looks like the only way to get an API key is by emailing them, otherwise they only provide sample data. I think first thing to do would be for someone speaking Polish to find out what it takes to get an API key. Most of the modules that exist today require each individual to get their own API key, which may be a problem if Jakdojade dosn’t allow API keys to be generated through the site.

    Dostęp do API wymaga przesłania zgłoszenia na adres
    Zapytania nieautoryzowane (bez sekcji związanej z autoryzacją) zwracają tylko przykładowe dane testowe. Zapytania takie powinny być wykorzystywane na potrzeby testowe.

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