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Calendar - Wrong times after switching to winter time

  • I only noticed today that the calendars are showing the wrong time, even though it is correctly stored on the google calendar. The Raspberry has the right time! Where is the problem? Attached is the excerpt from the config and a hard copy. Thank you

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "Stundenplan Ben",
    			displaySymbol: "true",
    			position: "top_left",
    			classes: 'scheduler',
    			config: {
    						module_schedule: [{from: '00 19 * * SUN', to: '00 15 * * FRI'},],
    						maxTitleLength: 30,
    						maximumEntries: 6,
    						fade: false,
    						getRelative: 0,
    						nextDaysRelative: "true",
    						dateFormat: "DD.MMM",
    						timeFormat: "absolute",
    							urgency: 0,
    				calendars: [
    							symbol: "clock",
    							url: "webcal://",


  • @bjoern yes there are some fixes coming try the develop branch. see the note about office 365 at the top of the Troubleshooting section for instructions

  • @sdetweil , when comes the fix official? and waht do you mean by “Office 365” ? THX

  • @bjoern Jan 1 is the next release date (every quarter)… the develop branch is fixes in for release, but u can get them now

    Office 365 is Microsoft’s online Office product… it presents problems too…
    how to get the develop branch is the same

    I am trying to fix the calendar completely… it is a challenge with all the parts here and there… (below MM) so far, one more set of changes to go…

  • @sdetweil . Thanks!

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