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Magic Mirror

  • Need some help. I have installed magic mirror with assistant and assistant 2display spotify and analog clock tools for cpu ram etc a separate module for weather forecast and now I try on face recognition with these links here link 1 ( Face-Reco-DNN) link 2 ( believes that link 2 is best to use. has made this work for up a box with my name but the whole screen is black so I do not see the clock and the weather forecast. what I had hoped for was to get up the picture of with names above or below and as administrator all others who are recognized are guests so a welcome greeting either with text or speech. it would have been coolest with speech then.I see the module called {
    module: ‘example_module’,
    position: ‘top_left’,
    // Set your classes here seperated by a space
    // Always shown
    classes: ‘always’
    should it say example_module because when I press f11 and look in the log window it says that this module does not exist so this module is somewhere else on the disk. Asks so much for help has not run pi before and can not program in linux or python or anything else.
    With friendly greetings
    Roy Bråthe Norway (uses google translate now)

  • @Aquamannno as i said before, you have to add class names to EVERYTHING you want to display…

    so ‘default’ is the class when there is no user detected

    then if I want clock and weather when I am detected (sam) i would make

    classes :"default,sam" 

    for both those modules… and sam ONLY on those two modules

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