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  • @Bugsounet

    I’m having trouble this module to work,

    Instruction says

    Command /newbot, give a name to the bot created, give an username. username should end with bot. (e.g. MyMagicMirrorBot or mystupidslave-bot… )

    so i use example johnsmith for name and johnsmithmmbot for username.

                            disabled: false,
                            module: 'MMM-TelegramBot',
                            position: 'top_center',
                            config: {
                                    verbose: true,
                                    telegramAPIKey : 'mykey',
                                    allowedUser : ['johnsmith'], // This is NOT the username of bot.

    but i get error :

    [2020-11-02 13:21:06.815] [LOG] [TELBOT] ERROR {
    ok: false,
    error_code: 400,
    description: ‘Bad Request: chat_id is empty’

    I am not sure allowedUser is correct ?

    When i goto my Telegram bot, and type /mychatid, i get “You are not allowed to command me, ask admin”


  • @James-Farmer said in MMM-Telegram:

    allowedUser : [‘johnsmith’], // This is NOT the username of bot.

    Hi, i think you have make a mismake in your username.
    i think johnsmith is your pseudonym
    allowedUser is the real Telegram Username (your username start with an @)

    you can see your user name in your profil of Telegram application
    example: if you username is @johnsmith14586 so allowedUser: ['johnsmith14586'],

  • @Bugsounet

    Hi, thanksyou for coming back to me, Sorry i couldn’t find Telegram username.

    So i look here


    I cant see any other username with @ only username of bot ?

    sorry if im being stupid.


  • 3 lines to the left of search > parameters > edit profils

    and you will see your username with @

  • @Bugsounet I found it…!! and it is all now working

    Thankyou for the help.

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