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First Magic Mirror Build

  • I just ordered most hardware needed to build my first Magic Mirror!! But now I’m second guessing my choice of acrylic, I purchased a 30% acrylic see through mirror that’s only .04" thick, I guess I wasn’t taking in account how flexible the material will be. The good thing is I haven’t purchased a frame or wood to build a frame yet and was wondering if I purchased a picture frame that already has a glass panel would I be able to just put the acrylic behind the glass for additional strength with minimal visual effects? Has anyone tried this before?

  • if I understand well, Your idea is to do a sandwich with:

    1. Acrylic layer
    2. Standard glass to assure nice surface of acrylic layer
    3. Screen LCD behind.

    I do not have experience but I see two risk:

    1. Additional reflexions of standard glass
    2. Your LCD will be too far from top surface.

    I’m also interested by other practical experience of your idea!

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