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Super early planning/idea process, help, tips and comments are very welcome.

  • Hello everyone.

    Well since I’m new around here I guess introductions are in order. My name is Daniel, I’m a 34 year old Norwegian and this will be my first major DIY project not including the refurbishing of most of my apartment. I say most, because there is one room left and that is the bathroom. However, corona hit my economy pretty damn hard so at this time its hard to say when i’ll get around to it, but I would want to have my plans ready well before that time anyways so here we are.

    • The plan I have for my mirror so far is to take the TV I currently have in my living room, a 55" samsung thats about 6 or so years old by now, and make that the screen for my mirror. I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll try to make it a touch screen mirror as well, I can see pro’s and con’s with that and I keep going back and forth.

    • I do know that I want to make a infinity mirror style border around it tho, so it will become a fairly substansial size when all is said and done.

    • I also want to recess it into the wall, and waterproof it from both splashing water and water vapor/steam from hot showers etc. (one of the cons of making it touch screen is that would be harder I guess)

    • I plan on having it show the usual features like time, calendar items, weather etc. and I know that I will be able to see it from the shower in the location it will be placed, and I was thinking it would be neat to be able to have the news on while showering for example. Other functionality I’d like to get from it is to have it function as a alexa or google home hub (undecided which, tho I’m currently using google assistant on my phone for some stuff) so I can turn off lights, change colors etc. (I have a fair bit of hue lights so far, and more to come when I can afford it again.)

    So, does anyone have some experience with anything similar to share?
    Any pitfalls I should be aware of? Could temperature be a problem when I recess it into the wall? How hard will it be to waterproof it? Any other cool functions I can get out of it? Which type of glass/mirror should I consider? What other hardware should I look at? Anything I haven’t thought of or mentioned? Am I completely insane for considering it, or is it a cool idea?

    Anyone wanna try to guesstimate what it might end up costing me approximately?

    I appreciate any and all feedback, and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can 🙂

  • @SarX glass for the mirror will be the expensive part.

    if it’s really recessed into the wall, u shouldn’t have much vapor issue on the electronics.

    I use a 55 in tv all the time, no mirror glass yet due to the expense. I have a newer 4k version so I can get more info on the screen in a higher bit pattern for sharpness.

    u will have to redo some of the wall studs to get a 55 in recessed, think about power from there too

    for me glass to cover is around $1000

  • @sdetweil

    Thanks for your reply man.

    Yeah based on what I’ve read I was expecting the glass to be pretty expensive. I also read there are a few different types too choose from, some better than others but I’m not sure what would work best for this kind of project tho.

    The TV is 4k, so that should be nice, and it was one of the first quantum dot tv’s samsung came out with so im expecting a pretty good result. One negative (or potentially a positive) is the one connect box they have, if i wanna connect a chromecast or something to it that might make it a bit harder potentially.
    Thinking of either making a little room for that inside a cabinet or maybe just cutting it out. Come to think of it, I need to check where the IR sensor is located.

    It is an older bathroom so I’m gonna need to tear it down to the studs to make it comply with new building codes anyway, so changing up the studs will be fairly easy at that point. And I’ll be doing all new electrical aswell to make it work with the other plans i have aswell.

    Glad to hear that a 55 in is doable tho, not quite as glad to see what price I should expect to pay for the glass tho lol.

  • @SarX I am in the states and the best place is 1000 miles away. there is a post here looking to build a large enough order for discounts across europe so it could provide u info there

  • in 4k mode, showing some of my photos, some of the flower petals just shimmer! it’s awesome as background

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