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Need help choosing controller board for LVDS LCD panel

  • Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the right place, or even the right website to ask this, but I saw other people asking similar questions about LVDS , so why not give it a shot.

    Recently, I purchased a “BOE DV332X2M-NV0” square LCD panel for a large MAME cabinet that I am building. The problem I am having is that the LCD panel came with no cables, and the seller is non-responsive to my messages about buying a controller board and power supply specific to this LCD panel. And I cannot find anything online about this LCD panel or anyone else that has bought this specific LCD panel. Here is a link to the exact panel I bought:

    I have looked into these “universal LVDS board kits” but all of the sellers say that my panel is not supported and will not help either. So I am hoping that someone here is able to help me out, or at least steer me in the right direction of what to buy. From what I have read from the specs (posted below) it takes a 5V input voltage and has a 92pin connector. I should also mention that the only thing I am trying to do is convert the LVDS over to HDMI or VGA so I can pretty much use it as a computer monitor. Any help with this is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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