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MMM-Covid 19 does not show

  • Hello, i have an api key and i have this copied in my config:

        module: "MMM-COVID19",
        position: "top_left",
        config: {
          updateInterval: 300000,
          worldStats: true,
          delta: true,
          lastUpdateInfo: true,
          countries: [ "Germany", "USA", "Italy", "Spain", "France" ],
          headerRowClass: "small",
    	  infoRowClass: 'small',
          rapidapiKey : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" // this is an example, do not try to use it for real

    but only the heading is shown "Covid-19!

    Can anybody help me please.

    here is the module:
    MMM Covid-19

    best regards

  • I believe that you should write all words with “…”

    		lastUpdateInfo: "true",
    		headerRowClass: "medium",
    		infoRowClass: "big",

  • @Lordy the rules

    the thing to the left of : does not need quotes

    if the thing to the right of : is a number, or true or false, then also no quotes.

    otherwise quoted. it doesn’t matter which kind as long as the start and end are the same

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