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My weather forecast keeps changing vertical size.

  • I’m only running forecast, clock, currentweather, google photos and mmm-calendarext2. I every day (nightshift) I wake up and my forecast is either too small or too large vertically. Horizontal size has been edited and does not change. I edit the vertical by 20 or so px and get it perfect. I go to bed and when I wake up the next night it has changed size and I must edit it again. The values aren’t changing, it just moves. Last night I pulled the Pi off the wall and took it to my shop to fix the size again. When I turned it back on it had fixed itself. I figure the reboot had done something but I rebooted a few times tonight and it did not help.

    Click on image below to see what I am talking about:
    alt text
    alt text

  • @rmcelwee no images. Did something else change size? One module can affect another

  • @sdetweil I figure it is another module but nothing else changed size. In fact, 30 seconds ago I looked at it and it had fixed itself. No reboots, nothing. Just two hours of just running. I’m wondering if one of my pictures (google photos) is doing it somehow.

  • @rmcelwee that will do it too

  • @sdetweil Just set my pictures from RANDOM to OLD and watched it scan through them twice with no change in weather forecast size. I was hoping I could see it do something. Nope, nothing…

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