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mirror photobooth

  • Hi everyone hope 2020 is being kinder to you than many. I am late to the mirror booth photobooth game but wish to build a mirror booth or two. My market doesn’t have tempered two way glass so there is only acrylic. I have a 40 inch tv in stock and a Shuttle PC which has decent specs. I may adapt the back so it is not so roadcase looking just as main market is weddings; and I have seen some providers for the software (open to any suggestions or good experiences)

    My questions are:
    Will two way mirror acrylic work ok to show up the PC screen imagery and withstand the events industry scene?
    with a 40 inch screen would a65 inch touchframe be too big …is 55inch better
    to get gesture control I believe a webcam is needed. I want to fit a DLSR for better quality print out pics in general but on events that insist on gesture control i can use webcam (would the webcam rest on top of how best to integrate both ?

    I am sure I have a million more questions but anyone who has gone the DIY route and learnt along the way and can help me navigate the pitfalls and do the project would be a huge help


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