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MMM-TweetsByTimelineOrList - Awaiting Updates

  • Hi,

    I’ve become a bit stuck in trying to view my Twitter feed in MagicMirror and was hoping can help me see the (probably obvious) mistake I’ve made. I did see the following post, but it did not say which keys were wrong. As I’m looking at the keys in the Twitter API right now, they all look to be correct.

    [MMM-TweetsByTimelineOrList] - A MagicMirror Module to display tweets from a user’s timeline or list. How do I fix it to display tweets on MagicMirror Screen?

    I think I am stuck at the first stage. The notes form the module creator state that the following needs to be filled in:


    But I can’t see consumer_key or consumer_secret anywhere in the Twitter API. What I do see is API Key and API Secret Key so I’ve used these instead. Is this right? I have then generated an access token ans secret ans used these in the other two fields that the module requires. Them in the screeName field I put my Twitter name (as shown in the URL).

    Can anyone help spot what I’m doing wrong please?



  • Hi,

    Actually I think I’ve worked it out. There was nothing wrong with the keys, but I hadn’t created the node_helper.js file. Now that is in place, all seems to work!

  • Do you mean the Bad Words node helper? I’m not having any luck getting this loading - just have the “awaiting Updates” showing. I have triple checked my keys and they are all correct. How did you get yours going?

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