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Can Pi3 run MM2 and OpenHab effectively?

  • Right now I’m running everything separately (MM2 and OpenHab) on 2 separate RP3s. I’m just wondering if I can run OpenHab (running most of the things in my house) and Magic Mirror 2 on the same RPi3 without any performance issues? I would require this to be pretty stable and the family uses OpenHab and not being techy wouldnt be very impressed if it suddenly went down lol. Not sure my wife would know where to start fixing things.

    I figure the MM is always on (using a PIR sensor for the screen) and if it has extra bandwidth to run OpenHab might as well do them on the same board that way I can free up the other Pi. I also just got a new Pi Zero specifically for running the MM but then I can also use this for something else.

    I’ve been looking around but havent found much on the topic and I can’t say that I’m an expert on Linux resourcing etc…

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