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MMM-Google Assistant

  • Bonjour/Bonsoir,
    Voila un petit moment que j’utilise MMM-Google Assisant qui fonctionnait parfaitement. Cependant je suis bloqué par un problème qui est apparu sans intervention de ma part. Lorsque l’assistant détecte le mot clé il n’attend pas de réponse et met “désolé, je n’ai pas compris”

  • @MathRxs it happened to me too!
    I remember that on the terminal where you start MM I noticed continuous error messages coming from “snowboy”. Not to be mistaken I reinstall raspbian and entirely MM.
    Also I think that the latest version of raspbian has some problems, especially after deciding to use PULSEAUDIO natively.

  • @Bugsounet i too like @MathRxs i have the problem described above again.
    As written at the beginning of the post nothing is changed, you get up in the morning and Google assistant no longer works!

    Is it possible that there is a duration of the credentials? Could you help us?

    Many thanks.

  • i removed pulseaudio from the pi and everything works perfectly

  • @raf I don’t have PULSE.
    Did you also have the same problem?

  • I solved by regenerating the credentials always using the same project.
    I don’t understand why the credentials expire after about 10 days.

    Can someone more experienced can tell me if there is a way to not have to regenerate the credentials every 10 days?

    Many thanks.

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