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IE11 / Edge browser black screen

  • Hi probably an obvious issue to solve but i cant find it in the forum, have searched for everything i can think of!

    Situation is this.

    Using a PC with node.js to run magicmirror, works perfectly from external devices to call that server on the ip address etc no problem IF im using chrome.
    However, i need to also support IE as that is the only thing that runs on my RT tablet!

    In IE i can only get it to display the page if i run in developer mode F12.
    The page loads, no problem all works fine but i have boarders etc (no good for the mirror). IF i try and run it in normal mode (non developer) then it just returns a black screen.
    Ive turned off the weather and compliments modules but still no luck. Any suggestions ???

  • So a quick update…

    If i hit developer mode then turn it off again it runs with no problem.
    Its almost like IE is saying “you cannot have a web page open that continues processing so i wont draw the screen until it finishes”.

  • Nobody else experienced this then?

  • Moderator

    I don’t have a windows tablet or running MM on windows. I was able to load MM running on my RasPi from Windows 10 IE edge (whatever the latest version) without any problems and need to go into developer mode. Sorry can’t really reproduce the issue that you are experiencing.

  • Ok so maybe it’s something to do with runnning it on node.js from a windows server rather than a pi then. I have a pi so will test that route too.

    Ideally I would prefer it to be hosted from the pc and the workaround works well enough. I just can’t stand not knowing what’s causing the problem !

  • @morozgrafix

    So did you need to be in developer mode or not?

    For what is is worth I am having the same problem with MS Edge. My MM is running on a PI.


  • Moderator

    @Jayh391 No I didn’t run Edge in developer mode. I haven’t tested it extensively though.

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