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MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall - Alexa voice control to hide/show modules and display text/images

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  • @d3r Hi there could you please help me out to install this module fully if you have time. i really need to have this figured out.
    I have AlexaPi running fine i also have the Lamda and the Alexa skill installed the mirror responds with “Hello my queen how can i help you” but when i ask of anything that is related to this module such as turn on or off a MM module or display text or images it says “There was a problem with the requested skills response” here is what comes in the log file at CloudWatch on AWS Lamda

    After some searching around the intenet the majority of them say that i need to add this ;

    var handlers = {
        'Unhandled': function () {
            this.emit(':ask', HelpMessage, HelpMessage);

    But where and why why do we have to mess around with index.js file

    anyhow any help will be greatly appreciated


  • @savage_gr1nd can you please help us get this going also ?? You seem like you are the only one who has it set up other than the developer that is not responding . I have to have this module
    please look at where we are at right now the mirror says hello my queen ho can i help you but anything there after we get a message that something is wrong with your skills response
    where is the trouble lying??? any help will be greatly appreciated here is a link at our conversation in the forums
    thank you in advance

  • Is this also working with “german language / commands”?

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