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Full-screen alert (no other modules should be shown)

  • Hi,
    I want to have a fullscreen alert for a few seconds, after this defined time the module should appear normally on it’s defined position in config.js. How can I solve that? Can I just overlay it with CSS or should I hide all other modules before and then displaying it again?
    For example, in config.js my module is defined with

    position: 'middle_center',

    once a notification will show my module, it should appear in fullscreen mode for (i.e.) 20 seconds, no other modules should be displayed during this time. The fullscreen mode has the background color red and a very large font size. After this 20 seconds, the fullscreen is not necessary anymore and the module should be displayed in its “middle_center” position.
    What could be the best way to solve this?


  • Hi, there is already such a module. It’s called alert and part of the default modules package.

    There are a lot of options you can configure.

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