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[MMM-IMDBComingSoon] - a module to show films from IMDB's Coming Soon section

  • This is a module for anyone who wants to see whats coming up at the movies. It uses an API proxy to get the data from IMDB’s Coming Soon sectionfor this month and next. At the time of release it filters these for ones playing in English, but you are welcome to fork and make that an option.

    Props to fewieden for giving me the idea with his module MMM-MovieInfo which used a different DB.

    The data in the coming soon section is sometimes a bit out of date - for example when getting coming soon for Jan and Feb of 2017 I got a range from Apr 2015 - May 2017. Anyway here is a screen shot of the output. Again at time of release there are no optios for what data to show, but you are welcome to fork and add the options (there is still loads of stuff in the JSON that I have not included.

    Here is an example screen shot:

    screenshot of MMM-IMDBComingSoon

  • Is this still working?

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