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News Feed for the entire screen

  • I’ve decided to turn the Magic Mirror into a stationary display, which I will likely attach to my fridge. I don’t think I’ll put it behind a mirror just yet, so having blank space in the center is not an issue.

    I wanted to have a news feed run in the center, or at least be displayed there with periodic refresh. The current news module shows one item at a time - is it possible to expand it to 15 items? I think I can tinker with the rest to arrive at what I need.


  • Moderator

    At the moment, the module only does one at a time. If you’d like it to do more, you’ll have to write your own module. We welcome pull requests on modified versions of the defaults.

  • @fantonim , I’m very new to all of this, but couldn’t you just put multiple feeds into the config.js? Thats what I did with the MMM-Traffic Module (with different information for each one) and it displays two separate traffic modules. I also did this with the news module and have two news modules going at once. I don’t know if there’s any limitation to how many you could do, but it would be worth a shot.

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